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Google analytics coupon code

google analytics coupon code

- Payment To measure the first step of the checkout, use ec:addProduct for each product in the shopping cart, and ec:setAction to indicate a checkout. If you have installed traditional ecommerce tracking on your website, then you will see following 5 ecommerce reports in your Google Analytics view: Ecommerce Overview, product Performance, sales Performance, transactions. You can track the sales performance of your products through following dimensions : #1 Product it is the name of the product sold #2 Product SKU it is the product code which is used to uniquely identify a product. Using Non-Interaction Events for Refunds If you need to send refund data using an event and the event is not part of normally measured onsite behavior (i.e. Purchase The sale of one or more products.

google analytics coupon code

Introduction to Enhanced Ecommerce, enhanced e-commerce tracking is a complete revamp of the traditional ecommerce tracking in the sense that, it provides many more ways to collect and analyse e-commerce data. 'position 2 / Product position (number). Order Coupon report You can access this report by navigating to Conversions Ecommerce Marketing Order Coupon Through Order Coupon report you can determine the order coupons which are most and least effective in driving sales, orders and average order value.

Measuring Refunds To refund an entire transaction, set a refund action and provide the transaction ID: / Refund an entire transaction. You would continue to send the regular Ecommerce data to your main property to ensure continuity of valid, correct data, then use a different tracker to send the Enhanced Ecommerce to the new property. To measure this product impression, use the ec:addImpression command and provide the product details in an impressionFieldObject: ga create 'UA-xxxxx-Y ga require 'ec ga ec:addImpression 'id 'P12345 / Product details are provided in an impressionFieldObject. Important : The Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in should not be used alongside the. For example, the default payment type for the user (e.g. To access this report, navigate to Conversions Ecommerce Product Performance Tracking Sales performance of products You can track the sales performance of your products by clicking on the Summary tab of the enhanced ecommerce product performance report: The report under the summary tab. Step integer No A number representing a step in the checkout process. Through enhanced ecommerce tracking, you can send following types of ecommerce data to GA: Impression data Product data Promotion data Action data Get the E-Book (37 Pages) Get the E-Book (104 Pages) Introduction to E-commerce engagement (aka Shopping Activity) Ecommerce engagement (called as shopping activity. Enhanced Ecommerce Data Types and Actions. Starting or abandoning the checkout process. Adding/removing products from your shopping cart.

The enhanced ecommerce plug-in for analytics.
Coupon, text, No, The coupon code associated with a product (e.g.
Best practice, @anupama, would be to set the coupon code to a utag _data attribute on the confirmation page, such as order_coupon_code.