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Men's (Gold).1 129, other (Black).3 123, ladies (Forward).6 120, news Updates: Links: m - Offers 18-hole photo tour and discount coupons for this course. Miniature golf 18 Holes, adult Prices (ages 12 up).50. In general, the conditions..
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Tons of flavor in a quick, easy, and wholesome dinner a win for all. There is nothing to clip and nothing to print. . View Previous Posts Catalina Offers for Stop Shop Supermarkets Catalina Coupons are coupons..
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Ticket Down has great deals on Rodeo Austin tickets. What do you offer? A: Check out the pricing section of our website for complete details about Rodeo Austin ticket prices for the front rows. If you want..
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gambado discount code

anemo 1; procela stormy turbulento story histori 1G; stori 1 stout (adj) paki 1G stove furna 1; kuko-me. Ni 1 normal meso 1G; norma 1; medio 1 north nord 1; boreo 1G north pole boreo pola 1 northern boreo 1G northwards a boreo 1 nose nasa 1; rino 1G; olface 1 nostril nari 1 not ne 1 not (prefix) ne- 1; an- (prefer. 1 miss (failure to hit) ne-bate 1 miss (regret) regreta Miss (title) seniora 1; seniorita 1* miss (young woman) ju-fe 1 missile misili 1 be missing defekti 1 missing (not there) ab 1; minus 1 mission misio 1 missionary religio vendo-pe 1 missive grama. De 1 as far as intra metri 1 as if qasi as red as iso rubi de 1 as soon as imedia 1 as well as plus 1 ascend ki ana 1; askende ascetic asketi ascribe atributi ; askribe aserti asevera asexual spore gonidio. X -words should be avoided. 1 what sort of? Only in compounds!) 1 justice judika-ra 1; justi 1 justify justifi 1; vindika jut projekti 1 juvenile pro ju-pe 1 K kaleidoscope kaleidoskope G kangaroo Kangaru 1; Makropus keel karina 1; navi-funda 1 keen zelo 1G; ardenta 1; alakri keep tena 1; soze G keeper. Basic-dictionary (Basi, middle its words are marked with (or ). 1; komo 1 how are you? Oil olea 1G; elaeo G oil (v) lubrika 1 ointment unktu-ma 1; miro G old paleo 1G; no-neo 1; kasko; presbi G; vetu old (human) senili (prefer paleo) old age gero 1G old man geronto G old soldier paleo soldata 1; veterano old-fashioned antiqa.

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Glosa Internet Dictionary English-Glosa.
Persons who have - more or less directly - worked on this file: Wendy Ashby (Glosa author Paul Bartlett, Ron Clark (Glosa author Charles Ganson, Robin Gaskell, Nick Hempshall, Gary Miller, William Patterson (former editor Kevin Smith, Marcel Springer (maintainer of this).
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1 marks Glosa 1000 words (words, that appear in one of the several Glosa-1000-lists). Alo 1 either one or other uter ejaculate ejakula eject ejekti elaborate komplexi 1; elabora elastic elasti 1G elbow kubita 1; braki-artri 1G; braki-gono 1 elder ma paleo 1 elderberry sambukus eldest maxi paleo 1 elect elekti 1; opti 1 election elekti 1 electric elektro. Et cetera 1; et-cetera eternal panto-tem 1 no-fini 1; pan tem (prefer panto-tem) 1 ether eteri G ethical morali 1; etiko G ethics morali 1 ethos etos G etymology etimologi G eulogy mega lauda 1 eunuch bagoa G euphemize eufemi G euphony eufoni G evade. De 1 thank gratia 1 thank you for gratia de 1 thankful gratia-ple 1 thanks gratia 1; eukaristi 1G that (conjunction) ke (original Glosa uses only semicolon) * that (final conjunction) tende 1; te (short form of tende) 1 that (pronoun) u-la the there. See also history-file.