How to open the developer console in the most popular browsers?

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All essential information regarding the errors in the website goes straightly to the console of your browser. You can find it in the developer console.

In this post, we will teach you how to find the developer console in each particular browser.


Google Chrome:

Press Сtrl+Shift+J to open Developer tools.


There’s one more way to do that: hold Ctrl+Shift+I and press F12 at the keyboard. Then press ESC button to see the console log. It doesn’t matter what part of Developer tools has been opened.


However, some websites block keyboard buttons and mouse clicks. In this case, you can open Developer tools from main tools of your browser only.


For example, go to the top side bar named Customize Google Chrome. Click More tools in the drop-down menu and select Developer Tools.



Press Ctrl+Alt+I. You’ll see a so-called Web Inspector. If you use Google Chrome and Safari, then the dev console may look familiar. Besides, their functional options are quite the same.


If you use Safari and can’t access the console from the keyboard, then go to the browser preferences and click Advanced. Check the Show develop menu in menu bar option. Open the Develop tab from the Safari menu (top side of the browser). Choose Show Web Inspector in the drop-down menu. Done!


Internet Explorer:

If you use Internet Explorer, then press F12 and go to the console tab.


There is another way of accessing the console. Go to the Service submenu of the browser and click Developer tools.


Mozilla Firefox:

Press Сtrl+Shift+K to access the console (use the combination of Command+Shift+K if you have Mac). If you have the Firebug extension – and this is recommended for all developers! – then simply press F12 and go to the console tab.

You can also access the developer console by clicking Open menu at the top right corner of the browser. Choose Web developer => Web Console. Done!



Press Ctrl+Shift+I to open Dragonfly and go to the Console tab.

There’s an alternative option. Click Customize Opera at the top left corner of Opera. It looks like the browser logo (red O letter). Select Developer => Developer Tools.


Try to copy the whole list of errors from the browser console. Attach this information with screenshots to the e-mail and send it to the user support team.

Important: Please, make sure to perform all steps above at the page with errors.